Monday, August 15, 2005

eminent domain v. the multitude of internet domain names

I say, what's really going on? Kelo v New London, the eminent domain case affirmed by the USSC in late June, allows local governments to force private property owners to sell land and businesses if the government feels it to be in the best interest of the community. Property rights aside, what will happen to mystery and imagination when Wal-Mart replaces the abandoned, "haunted" house behind an elementary school?

It's a new day and, somewhere, a new culture is being conceived and offended. We are an anti-social people known to our friends as caller-id phone numbers, as e-mail addresses to our business associates and families, and screen names to our mistresses and beloveds. Everything, once held to be private, is now subject to national security and children with cell phones scare local communities because kids can now organize.

Gone are the days of working the gossip mills unless you're in the media or politics. The emergence of blogging communities has nothing to do with legislative re-zoning, but is everything like high school football stadium camping chairs embroidered with the motto of the "do-it-yourself" community. Everyone is simultaneously a single member in a larger, like-minded audience as well its voice.

The East, disciplined and controlled, is opening-up to our, American way of doing things - for the good of one. And while this freedom is still infantile and tops Christmas wishlists, Easterners will soon join our small internet, niche-communities. And the world flattens.

So, when every corner in America looks the same, and every person waiting for the bus across the street looks the same, remember that everything is just a vehicle to bring people, not bodies, together. So the governments have this new flexibility with our property rights, let the conspiracy theorists argue that one inside their bong smoke-filled living rooms. It's another freedom we have given up in the name of capitalism. We already have enough excuses as to why we never leave the house.


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