Thursday, July 14, 2005

News for the News...Internet for the People

Maybe it's sinister to find a twisted connection between nature - both human and Mother - to product marketing. Undoubtedly, this year will go as one of "nature's" most devilish. The globe mournded London's heartbreak, and it's hands reached far to comfort the sufferers of Dennis. The reach of the world surpassed only by the survival instinct of those left behind.

The first images from London to the world had been text-messaged and e-mailed by cell phones to the major news networks. First-hand images, jittery and nervous and scared, taken when the smoke suffocated even light.

Cuba, mocked for its Western-world locale and third-world inteligence, and renowned for a national bravery that rivals that of countries 5- and ten-times its size, stood tall, tip-toed even, as Dennis made land. Within hours, the first reports of Dennis' failure to blow down their pride came from Cuban-own blogs.

Since their emergence, these internet-linked technologies have become both a forgotten window, and it's over-looked curtains. They are our new view of the's personalities. Yet, they also substitute first-hand experiences with multi-media excursions. Some continue to fight for less intervention. Some protest these technologies reveal too much. Some claim the government has already gone too far. Most, were just introduced to their powers this month. The scope is just being understood by all. What happens to the media giants when the little voice is amplified by millions of others?

Enough with the syndication!
Enough with the Big-media!
I'm tired of hearing what I should do or what I should think by a talking-head business man who's traded in his Microsoft swimming fish screen-saver for a rolling screen of red and green minute-by-minute AP f-ing reports! When was the last time you reached for your pen and notepad before reaching for your make-up artist's direct line? If you spent less time talking to 6-digit sources and spent more time talking to the guy that cleans their bathrooms, you might get to know your audience; the audience that matters to you and to your advertisers...the mass public.

Ever get the feeling the mass media is reaching down for us, open-palmed and concerned? Ever wonder why you're "down" there to begin with? You're down there because you are the "underground." From their gucci shones, armani suits, and white-collars, they are reaching, trying to pull you from the gutter they call your lives. The avarage American lives under a mortgaged roof, the smoky cloud trailing their sky-rocketing student loans, and the dilusion that they can share everything at a neighborhood barbeque in complete earnest and trust. Yeah, that's what we have that the talking-heads do not - conversations with trusted friends.

It takes a special village to not only talk in-person and via e-mail, but also through daily web diaries. Some spin the gossip-mill, some boast of parties, and others just let their minds wherever they may roam. Sometimes it's easier to say "I hate this" or "I love you" to a computer screen. Sometimes, it just comes out.

Some media are less-threatened, others are more defensive. They blame blogs and the internet for inaccuracy and sub-par professionalism and make tongue-in-cheek "compliments" to bloggers behind hidden chuckles. Laugh if you feel it funny to laugh at those that have come to be known for their echoing chatter. The demographics your advertisers fear slipping through manicured fingers, can hold hands with one another. From this vantage, you cannot see who i am or what i'm wearing. You cannot see the cigarette sitting comfortably on my confident, strategic smile. Do your research, do your "reporting"and you'll see I'm the young journalist looking up at you from the underground, passed your professionally-styled haircut, straight into the future. Do you really think it wise to pull me up? I don't know, if I were you, I'd shake my hand and let me fight to get my own grip.

Expose me. "Deep Throat" revealed himself only when he was ready to be found. Expose the voice of the people, and you may find yourself humbled, asking us to mind your injuries. Know your role. Remember you are the middle man. Either amplify the voice of the common man, or we'll just side-step around you. As a journalist. I'm both.


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