Saturday, July 09, 2005

Are bloggers too revealing too much?...How else do you propose we get to know a complete stranger?

There seems to be no shortage of criticism surrounding the bloggers. all total, i have 5 or 6. i have these blogspot blogs and one on another site. the blogspot blogs were a virginal attempt to join the blogging community, an opportunity to build a writing portfolio, and a chance to see how or if, my writing voice meshed with readers. eventually, all three have failed. i haven't kept up with it so i haven't built-up a readership or a decent selection of posts that i can pinpoint as my "classic" style. my other blog, however, has had an alternate reaction and lead me to re-create this one in its image.

the difference? distance. if you read through the older posts on this series on blog, there's a "voice-of-God" style of writing that separates me from the reader - one where i come across as having a superior opinion on everything media. the other, i write about what interests me (still, it's the media), but i include the crucial "why."

instead of trying to avoid bias, i wallow in it, but it's explicitly stated. my readers may not agree with my perceptions, but at least they know why i feel the way i do. bias is a funny thing. it's everywhere, and people, now more than ever, look for it. i think if you're honest with the readers, then they are more open-minded. they know what to expect and rather than seeking out your bias, they can focus on content.

Anyway. if blogs are considered "too personal" and if this can be viewed as dangerous, then what's the alternative? we live in a era defined by the internet, tivo, cell phones, and the ipod. if we're not distracting ourselves with one of these, we don't know what to do with ourselves. it seems as if we're evolving into a race unwilling to meet new people unless we have to because we were dialing while driving and forgot to check our blindspot.

i'm one of those people that value quality friends as opposed to quantity, but i leave myself open to meet new, quality people. blogs - they allow this opportunity on a whole new scale. it's the reason i got such a great reaction out of my other blog that i decided to change this one - people can associate with one another on a whole new level.

after reading the article, mentioned above, numerous valid arguments were re-introduced: kids blogging about weekend drinking/drugging binges, rants about teachers and the like. as much as i'm an admirer and advocate of the 1st amendment, maybe there should be some age-restrictions, but, honestly, kids are smart, it's only a matter of time before they circumvent the obstacle.

for me, though, it's the personal nature of my blogs (as seen in future posts) that only aides my writing. write what you know. what you know affects how you view different sights. if you can get someone to see the world the way you see it, even if for only a second, then maybe you're opening them to seeing other things they've never seen before...and vice versa.


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