Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Apple v Bloggers (again)

In the new issue of Reason magazine, Matt Welch editorializes his take on a new lawsuit Apple has filed on bloggers regarding "trade secret" violations. It's a new angle on the blogger v journalist war; this skirmish, though, identifies a new opponent: the American government.

Welch defines 'trade secrets' using the fine-print definition of the law - information, not just ingredients. Useful information for journalists and bloggers alike.

Finally, bloggers and journalists share common ground. Like the old days, both the "little man" and the media make information available to re-check the powers that be. Eventually, everyone is going to understand the greater good is being sacrificed for individual fame. If fame, money, and power continue to be the great motivator, then a lone voice can never speak for a generation...a generation concerned not with itself, but for prosperity of the individuals involved, and for their prosperity alone.


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