Thursday, May 05, 2005

Kansas Board of Education Much Less Evolved Than Previously Thought, Says Researcher

"In fact, some of these people have actually devolved during the 80 years since the Scopes Monkey trial," says Bill Thornton, chief DNA specialist with the National School Board Evolution Analysis Project." - from Blogcritics

Blogcritics and Kottke may have discovered the roots of our strong partisan society.

The two blogs have posted three science-related articles that could explain larger, recurring themes. First, Kottke posted this article by the BBC reporting the discovery of 12 new moons around Saturn. Then, there's the Evolution-trial controversy in Kansas (link to the Washington Post). Then, Kottke posted this article from the New Scientist stating that public opinion among other things are all bi-products of magnetism.

My take. Tying the three together.

Saturn now has more moons, or rather, now we know Saturn has more moons. I don't know if it's humanly possible for their gravitational pull to reach us, but let's pretend. Now, the Kansas State Board of Education wants to remove Darwin's Theory of Evolution completely from the curriculum. This isn't necessarily new; Evolution has been a hot-button issue in high schools across the nation, but most seem willing to teach it, at least, as a possible alternative to the Creation Theory. Two completely unrelated topics save for their connection with science, right? Now, consider the article by the New Scientist that states imitation - thus public opinion - like magnetism, is a survival instinct. On issues such as Evolution v Creation and Pro-life v Pro-choice, there is no public consensus. In fact, the public is almost split evenly. If the study regarding imitation is correct, or at least viable, then those on both sides of a dichtomomy will fight to "survive."

Republican:Democrat. Liberal:Conservative. Christian:Atheist. The large line of distinction between two, highly-charged viewpoints is only going to get larger if we keep finding more moons. Maybe we should give up the space program. I don't know how much more division we can take before another Civil or World War breaks out.


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