Monday, May 09, 2005

The Huffington Post - Eat the Press

When I first heard about the new Huffinton Post site, I was skeptical. I misunderstood everything. Links are being posted everywhere - Blog Herald, Dan Gillmor, Romenesko, and Gawker (all feeds that I read daily, not to mention the countless others that I don't).

The power of blogs.

But, it wasn't until I saw John Cusack's name that I decided maybe I should check it out. After reading his Hunter Thompson tribute, I knew the Huffington Post would be part of my daily blog diet. But I almost did a backflip out of my tattered vinyl chair when I saw Harry Shearer's Eat the Press column.

I read the column twice - finally, another Media guru. But, something about it didn't settle in my stomach (it could've been the five cups of coffee I've had in the last two hours, but that's a different sort of unsettling). The word "media" sticks out like a copy of Playboy between two bibles. Shearer uses it exclusively to apply to news outlets. As a journalist, the word 'media' is as sacred to me as Pope is to Catholics.

The media are not simply newspapers, magazines, and television news programs - the media is a collection of information senders: books, movies, music; anything with a message intended for a mass audience. Unfortunately, the mass audience doesn't seem to know this, which is probably why the word is generally applied only to news outlets.

That being said...I'll be adding various Huffington links to my blogs and can't wait to read what tomorrow holds.


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