Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hey Congress, Start Blawging...and Podcasting...

Hey Congress, Start Blawging...and Podcasting...

The next revolution in American Government?

It's a great concept; one that seems to make sense on every front, except regarding practibility. I think it would be a valuable resource to have both national and state government officials blogging discussions and votes during the law-making process, but would Americans really want to sit-down and read a diary of everything that goes on? Already, C-Span has programming during the day that allows people to watch these sessions - though I'm not exactly sure if this programming is all-inclusive or if it is restricted to the omniscient "eye-in-the-sky" that the various political bodies can choose to close - and I couldn't imagine wasting a day to sit and watch. But, then again, these cameras are "objective," flies on the wall without any commentary by talking-heads or the actors/politicians - themselves.

But, then again, maybe if these politicians did add in their own observations and insights during these meetings, it would allow an almost forum-like atmosphere were constituents could see and hear how/why their elected official vote on specific issues. This might also keep the mystery surrounding American politics somewhat transparent. I couldn't tell you the names of all the Texas representatives in Washington D.C. nor could I even list ten of the most influential individuals that debate on these national/state floors every day. There are just too many names and states to keep up with. But by finding the select-few that I am aware of and reading their thoughts on everyone else, I would eventually be acclimated into this group, if only as a repeat tourist.

As far as the podcasting and linking all documents, I don't think I could ever force myself to listen to debates instead of my iTunes library or ever read the convoluded laws rather than a good book, but having all that information at my fingertips (without the hassle of FOIA requests or hours of internet research) would be a plus. If it's discussed and I want to know more, it would, however, be cool to have it linked within the body of the blog for easy reference.

Will this idea take off? Who knows, but I think it's definitely worth a shot. Thanks Blawg for info.


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